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How to Tell When It’s Time To Service Toyota Brakes in Red Deer AB

Toyota Brakes Red Deer AB


Toyota Brakes Red Deer AB is a crucial service for your car because the brakes are a critical component for both performance and safety. Brake fluids, cylinders, rotors, calipers, and other components can all be fixed or replaced by our staff at Alberta Asian Motorworks. 


For your convenience, we've prepared some helpful advice on how to tell when it's time for your Toyota or off-brand model car to come into our service center for brake service. Brake servicing from Alberta Asian Motorworks in Red Deer can ensure that your car is running, and braking, as expected on our city streets.

How Does a Toyota Brake System in Red Deer AB Work?

Stepping on the brake pedal and having our car stop is something we take for granted, and that's understandable. But what exactly happens to cause your Toyota to come to a complete halt?


A car's brake system operates by connecting the pedal to a power booster, which, depending on the vehicle, applies force to the master cylinder, which then pumps brake fluid via the lines to every wheel, generating pressure on the rotors and therefore the brake pads to bring the wheels to a halt. This system has numerous moving parts, so wear and tear is to be expected. Maintenance, repair, and replacement are all necessary to keep the system functioning properly.

When Do Toyota Brakes in Red Deer AB Need Service?

Brake servicing isn't always necessary at the exact same time each year. Because every driver is unique and every driving situation is different, even on the same Toyota model, the speed may vary. 


Though your car may last up to 30,000 km, or up to 80,000 km, we at Alberta Asian Motorworks recommend that you come in for your scheduled every 8,000 km service interval so that we can thoroughly test your brakes. It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your vehicle's brakes, so have them checked out at our brake shop at least once every 8,000 km as part of your regular maintenance schedule.

What Are the Signs That My Brakes Need Repair or Replacement?

There are several signs that your brake system needs to be serviced, and our Toyota brake specialists will check and inspect them for you. Brake fluid, rotors, and calipers all have a life expectancy and need to be inspected on a regular basis. Look out for the following:

You Begin to Hear Unusual Noises

When braking, you may hear squealing or high-pitched sounds. This means you need to replace your brake pads immediately. Brakes should be checked if you hear metal-on-metal grinding or squeaking.

Your Brake Pedal Reacts In an Unusual Way

Do you feel a vibration or a pulse when you pedal? If so, your brake pads are worn. If, however, the brake pedal feels "soft," there may be a problem with the brake fluid or the entire system.

Pulling in One Direction

When you brake, does your steering pull left or right? This uneven friction might be caused by brake or tire issues. Nevertheless, Toyota technicians should inspect.

Visual Inspection (Brake Pads)

Examining your own brakes is a simple and quick option. If you can see them through your wheels, they should be at least a quarter-inch thick.

Visual Inspection (Rotors)

Brake pads wear down from friction, but brake rotors aren't supposed to. If you notice large circular grooves in them, replace them.

Book Toyota Brakes Service in Red Deer AB at Alberta Asian Motorworks

At Alberta Asian Motorworks, we make it easy to arrange your brake repair or replacement service by using our convenient online booking form or by stopping by our shop located at 5804 50th Ave Red Deer, AB, T4N 4C2.


If you live in Red Deer or the surrounding area, we're more than capable of servicing your Toyota with Toyota genuine components! Regardless of whether you drive a Camry, RAV4, Highlander, or any other Toyota or non-Toyota vehicle, you will need to get your brakes serviced.


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