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Why Do Acura Engines Use An Excessive Amount of Oil?

Why Do Acura Engines Use An Excessive Amount of Oil

The excessive consumption of oil in Acura has been largely blamed on carbon deposits that are known to clog the engine leading to oil consumption issues. Unfortunately, excessive oil consumption means that the level of oil in the engine will drop more rapidly than usual, and put your engine at risk of suffering extensive damages.

What Is the Solution for Excessive Oil Consumption in Acura?

If you suspect that your Acura engine is consuming too much oil, the Acura manufacturer's advice is that you need to take it to a service center for a test. If the test confirms that your Acura engine is indeed consuming more oil than it should, then it will need to be disassembled so that the valve seats, spark plugs, and cylinder heads can be inspected for possible damages. If any damages are discovered, the solution will be to replace the damaged components.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that if your Acura is consuming more oil than normal, then you may be forced to go for an oil change much earlier than expected. This is because failure to do so could lead to severe engine damages. The good news is that excessive oil consumption is usually caused by issues that can be solved at a service center by simply replacing the damaged components of your Acura engine. If you are in Red Deer, Penhold, or Blackfalds, Alberta, and you suspect that your Acura could be consuming more oil than it should, feel free to bring it to Alberta Asian Motorworks for an amicable solution.

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